Welcome to the Purchasing Department of the Kübler Group

Competitive products, customer enthusiasm and long-term orientation are our priority - both for the collaboration with our international customers and with our suppliers all around the world.

Due to the worldwide business growth, the purchasing needs will continue increasing in the coming years. Thus, the requirements to our suppliers will increase too, and new chances for new strong partners will appear. The requirements for a collaboration are high - in return, Kübler offers its suppliers good growth prospects and a long-term, confidence-based business partners relationship.



Conditions and Requirements for a Collaboration

For the Kübler Group, this picture symbolises our requirements to our suppliers:
  • very high quality and constant quality improvement
  • 100 delivery reliability and highest ability to deliver - innovative pulses for a joint improvement of the logistics
  • competitive prices and collaboration of the supplier towards costs reduction, and thus price reduction
Furthermore, we consider that collaboration also must include the following:
  • open and early communication
  • suggestions to avoid wasting in the delivery process and thus to reduce the costs
  • technical support and advice


Akzeptieren und fortfahren

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