The after-care clinic Tannheim


This after-care clinic was founded 1997 in Tannheim - the most southern part of our home town Villingen-Schwenningen. It is a place of refuge for families with children suffering of cancer, heart diseases or cystic fibrosis, who can spend here together a 4-week rehabilitation period after intensive acute care in the hospital.

When a child is seriously and chronically ill, the whole family suffers and is deeply concerned. The fear for the child and the uncertainty about the evolution of the disease place a huge burden upon the parents and the brothers and sisters. This after-care clinic was designed with love in order to provide, in addition to the care for the ill child, intensive psychosocial support to the close relatives so as to allow the families to stabilise physically and mentally, gain new strength and look to the future.

Since the costs of a treatment within the framework of a family-oriented rehabilitation are not financed totally by the amounts reimbursed by the health insurances, the after-care clinic still has to rely on donations, even 15 years after its foundation.

We know this clinic and we know the good it does. We are pleased to help this institution with our donations to continue bringing the required help to the concerned families.


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