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Reliable counters and count modules for use as displays in energy meters. Can be read even if no voltage is applied. Tamper-proof. Can also be used in calibrated energy meters.

Kübler has enjoyed great success for many years as a supplier to manufacturers of energy meters and counts many internationally important businesses amongst its customers. Alongside the highest levels of product quality, this sector demands a high degree of flexibility, fast reaction times and global service. Kübler is able to satisfy these requirements in every respect.

Wide variety of products. Highest quality

The Kübler families of products excel in this area due to the wide variety of models on offer, in particular different options for panel and surface mounting and a choice of PCB types. The devices are able to withstand a high mechanical loading, offer a high IP level of protection, can be soldered and are wash-proof. They boast small dimensions, have a high level of shock resistance and come with large optical figures for easy readability. The devices are suitable for use with a wide temperature range from -40°C up to +85°C. Their low power consumption makes them ideal for battery operation. All devices are subject to 100% final testing and thus meet the highest quality standards.

Tamper-proof thanks to ACR-System

In order to ensure that the meters are not affected by magnetic fields and offer maximum shock resistance (PTB tested), Kübler developed a patented ACR-System (Air Coil Reverse) for the product families K66 and K67. The moving parts are made of plastic or non-ferrous metal and, due to the counter-rotating movement of the mechanical parts, achieve maximum resistance to shock and magnetic fields. The meters are also potted, a further aspect of their resistance to tampering - this not only offers a high level of IP protection, but also prevents the devices being opened. Thanks to the mechanical figure drums the count value can be viewed at all times without problems, even after a total loss of power, e.g. after a lighting strike - without losing vital count readings.


All devices can be adapted to meet a wide range of customer requirements, such as special logos or customised connectors. Various coloured or printed figure drums are used to display the decimal places. Due to their insensitivity to outside influences and their flat design, the meters are suitable for cascading in double tariff meters.


Meters in Primary Circuits

Nowadays conventional Ferraris meters are increasingly being displaced by electronic KWH meters. These meters frequently use the stepper-motor driven KWH modules from Kübler, which feature very large figures drums with optimal readability, in addition to very low power consumption.

  • 7-digit drum counter.
  • 5 year warranty.
  • Stepper motor driven.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Optional magnetic shielding housing.

Meters in Secondary Circuits

What counts with these meters are very small dimensions coupled with a high degree of reliability and flexibility. Kübler offers a wide range of products to address this market, including the counter families K46 and K47, K66 and K67 as well as K06 and K07. The electronic count modules 190 and 192 are also employed in these devices. All devices offer a very high temperature range, excellent quality and a choice of voltage options to allow use in a wide range of applications

  • Machine solderable and washable.
  • Not affected by magnetic fields.
  • High shock resistance.
  • Compact design with large figures.
  • Very low power consumption.
  • Tamper-proof.
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