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We offer:
  • Punctual payment
  • Reliable and sustainable cooperation
  • Integration into the product development process
  • Prospects for sales growth

Welcome to the Supply Chain of the Kübler Group.

Competitive products, customer enthusiasm and long-term orientation are our top priorities - both in cooperation with our international customers and with our global suppliers.

In view of global business growth, purchasing requirements will continue to rise in the following years. This will also increase the demands placed on our suppliers and open up opportunities for new strong partners. The demands placed on cooperation are demanding - but Kübler offers its suppliers good growth prospects and a long-term business relationship based on trust and partnership.

Preconditions and requirements for cooperation

These are the requirements we place on our suppliers:
  • Very high quality and continuous improvement of the same
  • 100% delivery reliability and highest delivery capability - innovative impulses for joint improvements in logistics
  • Competitive prices and the cooperation of suppliers to reduce costs and thus prices

In addition, we believe that cooperation is part of the process:
  • Open and early communication
  • Suggestions for avoiding waste in the delivery process and thus for reducing costs
  • Technical support and advice
  • Compliance with our Kübler Code of Conduct

Are you interested in a partnership with Kübler?

Please send us your supplier self-assessment and your performance possibilities by e-mail to We will be pleased to check your documents. You can rely on us to do so. For capacity reasons, however, we cannot respond to every request. If you are interested and if necessary, we will consider your company in the next tender or we will contact you directly.
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