New classrooms for children in Africa

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It all began with an idea of the apprentices at Kübler. This merry group planned a quiz for the Christmas party 2012, at the end of which a donation had to be made to a good cause. The two Managers Gebhard and Lothar Kübler enthused straight away over this suggestion and promised their financial support. They appreciated especially the idea of young people wanting to help other young people who are infinitely more worse-off than themselves.

No sooner said that done, and now the Kübler Group is supporting a project of the St. Ursula schools of Villingen and the Gymnasium am Deutenberg of Schwenningen. These schools are organising events for about five years now, the proceeds of which benefit a school in Thiomby in Senegal (Western Africa). The pupils of Villingen-Schwenningen and their teachers show their sporty side in these events. So, for example, they organise sponsored runs, during which the young athletes receive from their sponsors a previously agreed amount for every round run. In line with the motto: "Move much with little means."

This school in Western Senegal is a state College that was founded seven years ago. Presently 769 pupils (they were 341 in 2008) coming from 26 poor villages are attending the classes in Thiomby, distributed in 15 (2008: 8) classes. This school is literally lacking the most basic things. Besides the lack of schoolbooks and equipment, the biggest problem for this quickly growing school is the lack of suitable classrooms. In addition to the four regular classrooms which have been completed or even built new thanks to the "Senegal aid project", courses are provided in two former peanut storehouses and five temporary huts made of strawmats. All this amounts to a total of 11 rooms for 15 classes, the further extension of the school is therefore urgently required.

We are glad to support this initiative, since the continuous and voluntary follow-up and co-ordination ensured by the teachers ensure a targeted use of the money. And we consider also this investment in education as a help for self-help. Only this way these boys and girls will have a chance to escape from their life in poverty and mud huts.


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