Draw wire system

The idea
At the core of a draw wire encoder is a drum mounted on bearings, onto which a wire is wound. The winding takes place via a spring-loaded device. The number of revolutions is measured by means of an encoder. If the circumference of the drum is known, then the length can be calculated from it.

  • Specially for demanding applications
  • With analogue sensors (0 ... 10 V, 4 ... 20 mA, potentiometer) or encoders (incremental, absolute, fieldbus)
  • Measuring lengths from 250 mm up to 40000 mm
  • High travelling speed
  • High acceleration
  • Dynamic spring traction by means of a constant force spring, long service life
  • Simple wire fixing using clip
  • Quick mounting
  • Diamond-polished ceramic guide
  • Titanium anodised aluminium housing


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