Order all products through Kuebler Germany directly

Look for the suitable product you require at our product finders for encoder or counter.

Common types sold in South Africa are:

Any other products please check our product website.

How to order ?
To order the product directly at Kuebler please sent your inquiry with Article Number of the selected product and the quantity directy to your contact at Kuebler: Claudia Czernecki - Phone: +49 7720 3903-21, Fax: +49 7720 3903-135.

You will get a price and delivery time information within 24 hours.

Service and support
Our service center is glad to support you.
Rainer Grueninger, Phone: +49 7720 3903-764.

Lead times
please inquire

We will ship completely via UPS at a flat rate including customs to your door. So it is extremely easy for you.

0,5-4,99 KG - DAP 150,00 €
5,0-9,99 KG - DAP 220,00 €
10-19 KG - DAP 290,00 €
20-35 KG - DAP 375,00 €
> 35 KG - on request
DAP = Delivered At Place - VAT and other local taxes excluded
To the point of destination anywhere in South Africa. The entire import process, custom clearance is included in this price and is done by UPS for you.

Kübler Extranet
After your first order and assigning a customer number, you may also use our online possibilities at our Extranet.
However this service is only available if you already have a customer number assigned (see first order confirmation, invoice etc.).

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