Magnetic measuring system Limes

The idea:
A magnetic sensor is guided across a magnetic band without coming into contact with it. The changes in polarity on the magnetic band are counted and intermediate values are interpolated. Our engineers have fine-tuned the system to such a degree that resolutions up to 0.005 mm are possible.
The system is not affected by dust, shavings or humidity and is resistant to many liquids and to oil.

Assembly is easy - the magnetic band just has to be glued into place. There are no problems for calibration.

The distance between the sensor and the magnetic band can be up to 2 mm.
Repeat accuracy is very high.


Where is our LIMES system used?
The measuring system offers an economical alternative to optical systems in applications where the high accuracy of the glass rules is not absolutely necessary but where up till now no other suitable alternative has been available.

Because of its rugged construction the measuring system can now be used even in tough industrial environments.
The system is not affected by vibration nor is it damaged if subjected to high shock loads.
Our flexible magnetic band offers a further interesting area of application, due to the fact that it can be fitted round very large shafts.
The maximum length of the magnetic band is 90 m!

Limes L1


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