Miniature optic 2420

z1512_2420 RoHS UL 

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Hohe Drehzahl
High rotational speed
Shock / vibration resistant
High shock and vibration resistance, for a particularly tough product.
Short-circuit proof
The outputs of all the encoders are short-circuit protected, provided that the supply voltage is correctly wired.
If an output is connected by mistake to 0 V or +UB or with another output, the device will not be damaged. As soon as the error is corrected, the encoder is ready for use again,>br />
Wiring circuit errors during installation that often occur in the hectic of day-to-day industrial environment do not lead to the encoder being permanently damaged.
Magnetic field proof
Insensitive to strong magnetic fields - even powerful magnetic fields, e.g. around geared motor brakes, cannot interfere with the operation.
Optische Sensorik
Optical sensor
High-accuracy optical sensor. Insensitive to magnetic perturbations.
Product family
Ø 24 mm
Hollow shaft max.
Ø 6.00 mm
Speed max.
12000 rpm
Protection max.
IP 64
Resolution max.
1024 Imp.
Power supply
5...24 VDC
8...30 VDC
10by10 Product

meets German Railways standard EN 50121

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