Kübler solutions for the packaging industry. Sturdy and fast.

For the countless diverse requirements of the packaging industry the Kübler Group offers special products that are used by many reputable manufacturers of filling and packaging machines.

Kübler Sendix encoders are ideal for positioning and speed monitoring in packaging machines, above all due to their reliable, rugged construction and clock frequencies up to 10 MHz for high speeds. Stainless-steel versions for food and beverage use are also available, as are measuring wheels for monitoring linear motion.

Kübler slip rings are specially tailored to the requirements of horizontal flow pack machines for the transmission of power, signals or data, pneumatics and hydraulics. Whether compact and economical or highly robust with many options and special types – the optimal solution is available for every application.

Counting and process technology from Kübler offers turn-key solutions for decentralised display and control. They permit fast fault recognition without a PLC thanks to local display and control. They comply with operating conditions where the highest hygiene levels are paramount and programming using gloves is also possible.

Slip rings – for the rotary transmission of load current, signals or data, pneumatics and hydraulics

In general slip rings are used to transmit power, signals or data, pneumatic and hydraulic, from a stationary to a rotating platform. The transmission between the stator and rotor takes place via sliding contacts and is extremely reliable. The construction is modular and offers the greatest flexibility in a variety of applications.

The modular all-rounder: SR085

  • Flexible and rugged
    • Modular construction system, power and signal/data channels can be combined as desired
    • Rugged GFPC housing (glass-reinforced polycarbonate), 30% glass-fibre content for industrial usage
    • Long service life and long maintenance cycles
  • Reliable with Safety-Trans™-Design.
    • Two-cavity system for power and signal transmission
    • Labyrinth seal
    • High vibration resistance
    • Fieldbus signals such as Profibus, CANopen etc. up to 12 Mbit/sec
  • Characteristics
    • Hollow shaft diameter up to ø 30 mm
    • Power channels up to 25 A and 400 V AC/D
    • Protection level IP64
    • Speed up to 800 rpm
    • Operating temperature -30°C ... +80°C
    • Up to 20 transmission paths
    • Maintenance cycles after max. 50 mio. revolutions
  • Technology in detail
    • Easily accessible connections
    • Practical maintenance window
    • IP64 version with rotor and stator protective cover
    • Hollow shaft mounting with pneumatic rotatable connector
    • Version with media leadthrough (air, hydraulics)

The flow-pack specialist: SR060

The SR060 is a compact, economical slip ring for up to 3 power and 2 signal transmissions from a stationary to a rotating platform.

  • Compact
    • Dimensions 60 x 98 mm
    • Can be used as a pair starting from just 60 mm shaft gap between the sealing rollers
    • Various component configurations for the transmission paths, max. 3 x power and 2 x signal transmission
  • Efficient
    • Economical – thanks to minimization of individual components, favourable mounting and component part design to suit
    • Fully encapsulated in high-grade glass reinforced plastic housing shells
    • Ideally suited for the heating of sealing drums (rollers) in packaging machines
  • Characteristics
    • Hollow shaft diameter up to ø 25 mm
    • Voltage/current loading
      - Power channels 240 V AC/DC, max. 16 A
      - Signal channels 48 V AC/DC, max. 2
    • Speed up to 500 rpm
    • Operating temperature 0°C ... +75°C
    • Protection level IP50
    • Maintenance cycles after max. 50 mio. revolutions

Kübler encoder solutions

Safe, quick, diverse and compact – qualities that make Kübler encoders ideally suited for use in packaging machines.

The sturdy bearing construction in Safety-Lock™ Design with extra strong outer bearings increases the service life and avoids downtimes and repairs.
Optical sensor technology that is resistant to magnetic fields, with a high clock speed (up to 10 MHz) guarantees optimal signal accuracy. The unique modular design of the Kübler encoders results in a wide choice of versions. The numerous connection and fixing possibilities as well as the comprehensive choice of accessories allow for flexible and universal use.


Technologies for the packaging industry

Innovations from tradition. Kübler products benefit from 50 years experience in automation technology.
Over time they have been subject to continual development and optimised for applications in drive engineering, special purpose machinery manufacture and not least in packaging machines. Small details make a big difference. Our products feature many intelligent topquality extras and offer our customers crucial benefits. In doing so they make a significant contribution to the high availability of the plant.


Linear measuring systems, counting and process devices

Right there on the spot – direct detection on the running material with local control.

The linear measuring systems from Kübler offer solutions for direct detection on the running material or conveyor belt using versatile measuring wheels or –easy-to-install magnetic band systems. The powerful, easy-to-operate Codix preset counters act as decentralised low-cost controllers, from simple piece counting up to the control of welded seams. The compact Codix displays serve to visualise, for example, piece count, time or temperature directly at the place where these occur.