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Energy and Time Brochure

New Energy-Time Meter HW66 for measuring energy consumption and hours run in dehumidifiers, tamper-proof, offers exact traceable billing for settlement via insurance.

Kübler has been a highly successful supplier to this industry sector for many years and counts many internationally important businesses amongst its customers. Alongside the highest levels of product quality, this sector demands a high degree of flexibility, fast reaction times and global service. Kübler is able to satisfy these requirements in every respect.

How Building Insurers can make substantial savings following water damage

When an insurance claim for water damage is settled, then as a rule the use of dehumidifiers or side channel blowers is calculated purely on the basis of time. This is a practice that is worth some thought, as it always results in too high a price being paid for the actual energy consumed. However simple alternatives do exist. With the dual function energy and hour meter HW66 from Kübler only the energy that has in reality been consumed is billed to the claimant. The accurate timer allows the costs for the duration of hire to be settled with the hire company. If required, MID tested and approved versions are available that leave no doubt when it comes to accuracy.

Wide variety of products. Highest quality.

In this sector hours run meters are often used to monitor service life or to determine service intervals.
The Kübler families of products excel in this area due to the wide variety of models and sizes on offer, as well as the different options for panel and surface mounting. Whether you are looking for a device that can withstand high mechanical loading, a high level of IP protection or shock resistance, or large optical figures with good readability, then you can find just the right product at Kübler. All devices are subject to 100% final testing and thus meet the highest quality standards.

Monitoring of Service Intervals & Flexibility

With its new Codix 14x family Kübler is offering a Service Counter, which not only signals upcoming service intervals, but also reliably totalises the number of hours run. The range is rounded off by dual-function counters that can separately measure service times and total times.
All devices can be adapted to meet a wide range of customers requirements:

  • Special customer logos.
  • Customised connectors.
  • Decimal place display by means of various coloured or printed figure drums.

Energy and Time Meter for panel-mounting. Tamper-proof

The special demands that dehumidifiers and side-channel blowers place on this device include: the same panel cut-out as conventional hour meters, the need to be tamper-proof, measuring of energy consumption and number of hours, as well as the ability to read the meters if no voltage is present.

  • 2x6-digit drum counter.
  • Tamper-proof.
  • Can be read if no voltage is present.
  • Very easy to operate.
  • Simple mounting and connection.
  • Optional MID approval.
Energie- und Zeitzähler

Hours run meters

Electromechanical or electronic hours run meters for measuring service life, warranty times and service intervals in Air-conditioning, Heating, Cooling and Humidity Technology meet all the market requirements with respect to dimensions, supply voltages, IP protection and mechanical adaptability.

  • Machine solderable and washable.
  • Not affected by magnetic fields.
  • High shock resistance.
  • Compact design with large figures.
  • Very low power consumption.
  • Tamper-proof.

Service Counters

Electronic service counters and service hours run meters for measuring service life, warranty times or service intervals show the service intervals via a message text in the display after a pre-programmed time or number of pulses. In parallel they give an output signal to control further messaging devices. When these messages are reset the accumulated times or pulses are not lost, as only the preset value is set to the new service interval

  • Small DIN dimensions.
  • Service message as text and output in parallel.
  • Programmable pre-signal text.
  • High IP protection value.
  • Compact design with large figures.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Simple operation.