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The comprehensive portfolio
for turbine control and monitoring

Whether blade angle measurement, wind direction tracking, rotary speed control or tower sway monitoring – Kübler has the right product. His many years of experience in this sector ensure the customers reliable products and the best consultation. Besides encoders and sensors for turbine control, Kübler offers a comprehensive portfolio of safety encoders and safety controllers. These can be ideally combined and, together, offer many advantages. Of course, safety controllers can also be used individually and monitor all safety-related functions of a wind power turbine.

Pitch and azimuth control

Sendix 5863

Encoder with rugged bearing unit

Sendix F36

compact absolute encoder

Sendix F58

Absolute encoder

Safety first! Measuring systems form an integral part of the safe control of pitch and azimuth and need to offer reliable, precise availability at all times. No matter when nor where, Kübler Sendix series encoders set standards here when it comes to safety, accuracy and ruggedness – whether in the drive or as a stand-alone measuring system in wind turbines. The flexible and wide-ranging options offered by the Kübler Sendix encoders create the ideal solution for every eventuality when it comes to the construction of wind turbines and ensure a long service life and optimal costs.

Speed measurement of rotor and generator shafts

Sendix Heavy Duty H120

Generator Drehzahldrehgeber

Sendix 5000 / 5020

Inkremental encoder

Sendix SIL 5853FSx

Absolute encoder


A tough nut. Accurate speed information is an important measurement for the control loop of a wind turbine. Measuring systems that supply this information are often subjected to harsh environmental conditions but must not suffer any loss of reliability. Kübler incremental encoders can handle strong vibration or extreme variations in temperature without any problem. Here, their diverse assembling options guarantee easy, safe installation. Kübler offers the complete range of solutions from the extremely rugged Sendix Heavy Duty encoder through to the compact and economical Sendix 5000 / 5020.

Solutions for Functional Safety

Safety M modular

Basic Modules, Gateway

Safety M modular

Extension Modules for safe I/O and monitoring of axis

Safety M compact

Speed monitoring

Safe single components alone do not fully ensure a safe global application.
Only the optimal interaction between safety sensors and safety monitoring modules offers reliable solutions, which will meet the necessary safety requirements. The optimal combination of Kübler’s Safety-M modules and Sendix SIL encoders allows the easy implementation of a safe drive monitoring system.