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The elevator technology is one of the most important core industries of the Kübler Group, which inspires our customers with its products, solutions and services. With its decades of know-how as a global player and a wide products offer – ranging from encoders for drive control up to absolute measuring systems for shaft copying – Kübler has established itself as a long-term partner of the elevators industry.

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Shaft copying system

Linear measuring systems

For each motor the right encoder

Encoders for geared motors

Encoders for gearless motors

Bearingsless encoders for direct drive

BiSS interface

New product

Shaft copying system

Your advantages at a glance

  • Accurate car positioning - 100 % slip-free measurement
  • Measuring length up to 392 m - resolution 1 mm
  • Safety and elevator functions in compliance with EN 81-20/50
  • Suitable solution - sensor and evaluation unit
  • Easy and fast mounting - reduced installation time
  • Compact design - saves space and costs
  • Extremely robust measuring system - stainless steel encoded tape
  • Costs reduction - no need for additional sensors
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The standard for gearless drives
Sendix 5873 Motor-Line encoder

Your advantages at a glance

  • High-resolution single turn encoder for optimal ride comfort
  • Specially suited for the elevator industry thanks to its optimal design for gearless drives
  • Cost-efficient thanks to simple plug-and-play commissioning
  • Reduction of maintenance costs due to the optimization of drive efficiency thanks to the highresolution absolute and analog encoder signals
  • Reduction of energy costs thanks to the electronic switching based on the high-resolution absolute position information of the measuring system
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Bearingless encoders

Your advantages at a glance

  • High-resolution incremental encoder for optimal ride comfort
  • Specially suited for direct drives in combination with drive modules with rotor position evaluation
  • Compact design for space-saving integration in direct drives
  • Highly reliable for continuous elevator operation
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