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BiSS goes Safety

The open-source Interface BiSS can now be used also for Safety applications according to SIL2 and SIL3.

Computer & Automation | 03.2016

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With highest sensitivity

Encoders in continuously variable tractor transmissions increase the accuracy.

messtec drives automation | 03.2016

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Konstruktion & Entwicklung | 12.2015
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Powerful encoder for accurate tractor control

... The suitable drive technology ensures here the stepless "sensitivity"...


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Industrial Ethernet encoders as a key component of tomorrow's industry

etz | 12.2015
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Consistent communication

Robust and fast encoders communicate directly via Industrial Ethernet

elektro AUTOMATION | 12.2015

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Encoders and more

No question, with 10 % market share, the Kübler Company is mainly popular for its encoders.

IEE | 11.2015

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Good bye unbalance

Slip rings convince with safe Industrial Ethernet communication

SPS IPC DRIVES | 11.2015

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"Much more safety"

With Kaizen and "Kübler plus": the Kübler Group wants to grow significantly also in 2016

gitverlag | 11.2015

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special encoders for the drive technology

elektro AUTOMATION | 11.2015

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Intelligent sensors – a chicken-and-egg problem?

The context of Industry 4.0 requires more than ever the manufacturers ...

Computer & Automation | 11.2015

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One step ahead

Customer-specific encoders for continuously variable tractor transmissions

Mobile Maschinen | 10.2015

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Acting on the costs

Cost-oriented and high-quality position and motion sensors for wind power plants

messtec drives automation | 10.2015

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Speaking the language of tomorrow

On the way to Industry 4.0, continuous communication via Ethernet plays a major role at field level.

elektrotechnik | 10.2015

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Fritz Kübler GmbH - profile


Sensor Magazin | 10.2015

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Catalog products excluded

Encoders used in continuously variable tractor transmissions

SPS Magazin | 10.2015

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Speaking the language of tomorrow

Industry 4.0 requires robust and fast Industrial Ethernet encoders

develop 3 systems engineering  | 09.2015

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Impressive when things get tough

Extremely robust magnetic multiturn encoder

SPS Magazin | 08.2015

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New encoder variants

PC&Industrie | 06.2015
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Open and communicative

Open Source Interface BISS

Digital Engineering Magazin | 04.2015

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Outstanding Contacts

Slip rings for packaging, filling and labeling

SPS Magazin | 04.2015

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Options for Rotations

Compact, robust and safe encoders cover a wide field of applications

Zuliefermarkt | 04.2015

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Self-powered for outdoor use

A&D | 04.2015
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With Kaizen towards future

Modern sensor manufacture in lean systems

Sensor Magazin | 02.2015

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Encoders, draw wire systems and inclinometers

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Perfect safety is more than just a product

che-manager | 12.2014
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Absolute motor feedback with Biss

etz | 12.2014
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"We consider ourselves the leading specialist ...

... for safe positioning and motion"

Technische Revue | 11.2014

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Functional and Safe

Certified encoders, safety modules, and service packages

KEM | 11.2014

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BiSS with prospects

in the drives technology

antriebstechnik | 11.2014

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Safety designed for the future

New scalable safety products by Kübler ...

konstruktionspraxis | 11.2014

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"We need people with courage,

who make consistent decisions"

elektro AUTOMATION | 11.2014

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Solutions for mobile automation.

Mobile Maschinen | 11.2014
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No matter whether wet or dry operation – long live the contact!

Slip rings transmit here all important information elements, signals and loads, with full reliability...

Getränkeherstellung Deutschland | 11.2014

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Completely or not at all

with its incremental Sendix Atex / IECEX 71XX encoders

ke next | 11.2014

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Durable connection

Safety-oriented bellows couplings for encoders

SPS Magazin | 11.2014

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From the safe encoder,

through the coupling, up to the safe application

Der Konstrukteur | 10.2014

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100 000 000

100 million Euro turnover in 2020. This is the goal set by Gebhard and Lothar Kübler.

IEE | 10.2014

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Made-to-measure safety

Modernizing machines often requires adapting the safety technology.

Kompetenz für Konstrukteure | 10.2014

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Safe connections

Safe motion and bellows couplings for encoders

SPS Magazin | 10.2014

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The success of the Safety Co-operation and Strategy 2020

etz | 10.2014
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Functional Safety for safe motion

Functional Safety for safe motion

open automation | 10.2014

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Mining is back

This is why the sensors specialist Kübler offers a wide range of explosion-proof encoder versions ....

elektrotechnik | 09.2014

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Short changeover and long running times thanks to r etrofit

Profinet encoders ensure higher productivity in paper mill

KEM | 08.2014

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With Industrial Ethernet, service is what makes the difference

Maschinenbau und Metallbearbeitung | 08.2014
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Easy integration

With its second generation of functional safety systems...

Packaging Journal | 07.2014

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Industrial Ethernet travels across the world

What does Industry 4.0 mean for sensor manufacturers?

messtec drives automation | 07.2014

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Closed before overfilling

Sensor Magazin | 07.2014
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Sensors for Solar Thermal Plants

New Kübler slip rings offer outstanding contacts for packaging, filling and labeling.

Sensor Magazin | 06.2014

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New Slip Ring Product Family

Packaging Journal | 06.2014
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Compact Signal Transmitters in Line with the Trend

Kübler: Sensors for Driverless Transport Systems

Hebezeuge Fördermittel | 06.2014

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Networked Values

Ethernet encoders meet the requirements of real-time applications

Zuliefermarkt | 05.2014

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Contact oil-free sliding contact minimises maintenance work

Encapsulated slip rings meet the requirements of the food processing industry

elektro AUTOMATION | 05.2014

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The packaging artist

Encapsulated Slip Rings in the Packaging Industry

ke next | 05.2014

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Developed for Tough Industrial Environments

The choice of the adapted measuring system ...

KEM | 05.2014

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Hygiene-compatible Components

Der Konstrukteur | 01.2013
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Kompetenz für Konstrukteure | 01.2013
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We want to become as flexible as a chameleon

Supply the customer in shorter time with high quality products that meet perfectly his needs, while eliminating waste ...


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