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Open single cable solutions?

There are currently, with Biss Line, Hiperface DSL and SCS Open Link, three open single-cable solutions.

SPS Magazin | 04.2018

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Future-proof solutions

A new motor feedback encoder product family based on a platform helps designers to save costs.

ke next | 03.2018

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Two become one

2. TeDo-Encoder Experts Round: Single-cable technology – Part 1/2 Focus: Open single-cable technology for motor feedback systems

SPS Magazin | 03.2018

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Platform for Robust Sensors

Encoders withstand salt, vibrations and fire-extinguishing foam.

fluid | 03.2018

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Bearingless miniature encoders with magnetic ring and reading head

What can be done when installation space is insufficient even for a miniature encoder?


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Does the sensor have to go into the cloud?

Intelligent sensor networks form the backbone of the IIot.

mpa | 03.2018

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Absolute and safe positioning

Linear measuring system by Kübler makes elevators more reliable and accurate.

KEM | 03.2018

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The right turn

Encoders can become key elements in smart decentralized drive systems.

Der Konstrukteur | 01.2018

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Energy and data transmission with slip rings

Newly developed slip ring generations such as the ones presented here can meet the increasing requirements for use with Industrial Ethernet and IIoT.


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Ethernet elegantly transmitted

How Ethernetcapable slip rings transmit real-time data besides electrical power and control signals.

Austromatisierung | 12.2017

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Slip rings with integrated sensors

Modern food industry production facilities are no longer what they still were 10-15 years ago. Their degree of automation is increasing.

Sensor Magazin | 12.2017

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Kübler relies with success on market presence

From the Black Forest to the Middle Kingdom

Sensor Magazin | 12.2017

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Absolute shaft copying: Linear measuring system for 100 % slip-free measurement.

The sensors manufacturer Kübler has been supplying for many years encoders to the major players of the elevators industry.

Sensor Magazin | 12.2017

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Sensory must be simple and work accurately

Position and motion sensors meet the demanding requirements of the agricultural and forestry sectors; they ensure safe and accurate machine operation.

KEM | 12.2017

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Drive sensors - Networked for the future

Which are the present and future requirements posed by the motor feedback systems to the interfaces?

Der Konstrukteur | 12.2017

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From the counters factory to the sensors specialist

What started with a small company has become today a global leading and strongly growing family-run company.

Packaging Journal | 12.2017

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Future-proof motor feedback systems

Sendix S36: Compact motor feedback systems in 36.5 mm size for all power ranges – reduce the number of motor variants, standardize the mechanical installation.

etz | 11.2017

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Small, smart, round

Kübler's new motor feedback encoders are based on a platform offering great advantages.

automation | 11.2017

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How important are IO-Link and OPC-UA for encoders

Jonas Urlaub, System architect at Kübler, explains in his comment why he considers the data provided by the encoder as the particular feature and not the interface.

messtec drives automation | 11.2017

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Interfaces are no longer an issue

Motor feedback - One single platform, less motor variants and a singlecable solution.

elektrotechnik | 11.2017

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Motor Feedback Encoders by Kübler

The drive technology is undergoing radical change. Always more compact, more efficient, more powerful, these are the demands posed on the drive manufacturers.

elektro AUTOMATION | 11.2017

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Must Sensor Data be sent into the Cloud?

Encoder integration and information exchange in the IIoT environment

CITplus | 11.2017

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Draw wire systems with integrated inclinometer

Kübler's newly developed draw wire systems C100 and D125 will from now on allow length and inclination measurement with one single device.


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Sensor fusion

Mobile cranes, reach stackers, telehandlers and similar mobile work machines generally use draw wire sensors to define the position of the telescopic boom.

Mobile Maschinen | 11.2017

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Lived Innovation

The South German manufacturer presented at a press conference among others a linear measuring system, robust inclinometers and an innovative feedback system for servomotors.

Smart Tech | 09.2017

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Touching the Nerve

Industrial Ethernet Encoders with OPC-UA Interface

messtec drives automation | 09.2017

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Encoder trend report (part 2)

The first part addressed single-cable solutions, safety and interfaces. The second part will address the topics IIoT and miniaturization.

SPS Magazin | 08.2017

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Encoder trend report

Representatives of seven encoder manufacturers met within the framework of the first TeDo encoder experts round.

SPS Magazin | 07.2017

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Clear View on the smart Drive

The experts obviously agree that electrical drive technology is in an excellent position in Germany.

elektrotechnik | 06.2017

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The right inclination for higher yield

The high protection level IP67 and IP69k ensure trouble-free outdoor use.

Energy 4.0 | 04.2017

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Encoders with functional safety a decisive factor for the interference-free and reliable control of machines and plants.

elektro AUTOMATION | 02.2017

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Safety non-stop

Safe motion and positioning When a machine is in operation, the highest priority in its immediate environment is:Safety first

Antriebspraxis | 12.2016

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Also slip rings are preparing for the Industry 4.0 age

Also slip rings are preparing for the Industry 4.0 age

AUTlook | 11.2016

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More efficiency for drive regulation

Kübler's optical Sendix 5873 singleturn encoders in their Motor-Line version have been designed especially for mounting on gearless drive systems.

KEM | 11.2016

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Drive control in special applications

Encoders are classical WAP sensors for the acquisition of dynamic processes. They are indispensable especially in applications with rotationally symmetrical drives such as motors.

mpa | 09.2016

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Increasing flexibility and competitiveness

How Kübler reinvented itself with the Japanese corporate culture Kaizen.

Zuliefermarkt | 05.2016

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When things get tough

ENCODERS - Advantages such as a new magnet Technology make the Encoders of Kübler´s Sendix M36 series very attractive for all kinds of construction machines.

Kompetenz für Konstrukteure | 04.2016

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One step better

Powerful Encoder - Use in continuously variable tractor transmissions

KEM | 04.2016

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Adaptable Miniature encoders

With a diameter of only 24 mm, the optical 2400/2420 encoders are the ideal position sensors especially for tight installation spaces.

mpa | 04.2016

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BiSS goes Safety

The open-source Interface BiSS can now be used also for Safety applications according to SIL2 and SIL3.

Computer & Automation | 03.2016

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When things get tight

The Encoder solution is a crucial element for the compactness of a drive.

antriebstechnik | 03.2016

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With highest sensitivity

Encoders in continuously variable tractor transmissions increase the accuracy.

messtec drives automation | 03.2016

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Küber wins Best Professional Supplier Award

The Kübler Group has been distinguished with the "Best Professional Supplier Award 2015“ in the category "Technology, Engineering & Service".

PC&Industrie | 02.2016

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As usual, Kübler presented a whole range of new products . Amongst others Sendix F5883.

Konstruktion & Entwicklung | 12.2015

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Powerful encoder for accurate tractor control

... The suitable drive technology ensures here the stepless "sensitivity"...


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Industrial Ethernet encoders as a key component of tomorrow's industry

The merging or the IT world with industrial applications.

etz | 12.2015

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Consistent communication

Robust and fast encoders communicate directly via Industrial Ethernet

elektro AUTOMATION | 12.2015

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Encoders and more

No question, with 10 % market share, the Kübler Company is mainly popular for its encoders.

IEE | 11.2015

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Good bye unbalance

Slip rings convince with safe Industrial Ethernet communication

SPS IPC DRIVES | 11.2015

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The core of things

This Swabian family-run enterprise experienced strong growth in the past years. Nevertheless, this is not a reason for the managers team to just go on this way.

messtec drives automation | 11.2015

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Pure adrenaline

Safety modules - Germany is not only exporting fast cars. Many steel construction and mechanical engineering companies acquired their international reputation building modern fairground rides.

elektrotechnik | 11.2015

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"Much more safety"

With Kaizen and "Kübler plus": the Kübler Group wants to grow significantly also in 2016

gitverlag | 11.2015

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special encoders for the drive technology

elektro AUTOMATION | 11.2015

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Intelligent sensors – a chicken-and-egg problem?

The context of Industry 4.0 requires more than ever the manufacturers ...

Computer & Automation | 11.2015

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One step ahead

Customer-specific encoders for continuously variable tractor transmissions

Mobile Maschinen | 10.2015

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Acting on the costs

Cost-oriented and high-quality position and motion sensors for wind power plants

messtec drives automation | 10.2015

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Speaking the language of tomorrow

On the way to Industry 4.0, continuous communication via Ethernet plays a major role at field level.

elektrotechnik | 10.2015

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Fritz Kübler GmbH - profile


Sensor Magazin | 10.2015

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Catalog products excluded

Encoders used in continuously variable tractor transmissions

SPS Magazin | 10.2015

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Speaking the language of tomorrow

Industry 4.0 requires robust and fast Industrial Ethernet encoders

develop 3 systems engineering  | 09.2015

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Impressive when things get tough

Extremely robust magnetic multiturn encoder

SPS Magazin | 08.2015

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New encoder variants

For time-critical and cost-sensitive applications: Sendix F58 EtherNet/IP encoders

PC&Industrie | 06.2015

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Open and communicative

Open Source Interface BISS

Digital Engineering Magazin | 04.2015

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Outstanding Contacts

Slip rings for packaging, filling and labeling

SPS Magazin | 04.2015

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Options for Rotations

Compact, robust and safe encoders cover a wide field of applications

Zuliefermarkt | 04.2015

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Self-powered for outdoor use

In mobile cranes, components are often subjected to tough conditions.

A&D | 04.2015

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With Kaizen towards future

Modern sensor manufacture in lean systems

Sensor Magazin | 02.2015

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Encoders, draw wire systems and inclinometers

The exact control and monitoring of positions in machines require highly-accurate position information.


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Perfect safety is more than just a product

Certified SIL encoders, safety modules and service packages

che-manager | 12.2014

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Absolute motor feedback with Biss

Kübler moves another step further with the implementation of the open-source interface Biss in its absolute encoders.

etz | 12.2014

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"We consider ourselves the leading specialist ...

... for safe positioning and motion"

Technische Revue | 11.2014

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No trouble, even under heavy loads

Kübler puts everything in motion to remain fit for the future.

elektrotechnik | 11.2014

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Functional and Safe

Certified encoders, safety modules, and service packages

KEM | 11.2014

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BiSS with prospects

Why the BiSS interface is setting new standards in the drives technology.

antriebstechnik | 11.2014

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Safety designed for the future

New scalable safety products by Kübler ...

konstruktionspraxis | 11.2014

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"We need people with courage,

who make consistent decisions"

elektro AUTOMATION | 11.2014

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Solutions for mobile automation.

If it works on a construction machine it will work anywhere

Mobile Maschinen | 11.2014

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No matter whether wet or dry operation – long live the contact!

Slip rings transmit here all important information elements, signals and loads, with full reliability...

Getränkeherstellung Deutschland | 11.2014

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Completely or not at all

with its incremental Sendix Atex / IECEX 71XX encoders

ke next | 11.2014

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Durable connection

Safety-oriented bellows couplings for encoders

SPS Magazin | 11.2014

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From the safe encoder,

through the coupling, up to the safe application

Der Konstrukteur | 10.2014

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100 000 000

100 million Euro turnover in 2020. This is the goal set by Gebhard and Lothar Kübler.

IEE | 10.2014

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Made-to-measure safety

Modernizing machines often requires adapting the safety technology.

Kompetenz für Konstrukteure | 10.2014

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Safe connections

Safe motion and bellows couplings for encoders

SPS Magazin | 10.2014

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The success of the Safety Co-operation and Strategy 2020

The safety arena has developed well and will continue due to its new expanded co-operation.

etz | 10.2014

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Functional Safety for safe motion

Functional Safety for safe motion

open automation | 10.2014

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Mining is back

This is why the sensors specialist Kübler offers a wide range of explosion-proof encoder versions ....

elektrotechnik | 09.2014

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Short changeover and long running times thanks to r etrofit

Profinet encoders ensure higher productivity in paper mill

KEM | 08.2014

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With Industrial Ethernet, service is what makes the difference

For use in an industrial environment, Ethernet rotary sensors need to be based on a tried-and-tested concept.

Maschinenbau und Metallbearbeitung | 08.2014

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Easy integration

With its second generation of functional safety systems...

Packaging Journal | 07.2014

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Industrial Ethernet travels across the world

What does Industry 4.0 mean for sensor manufacturers?

messtec drives automation | 07.2014

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Closed before overfilling

New Kübler slip rings offer outstanding contacts for packaging, filling and labeling.

Sensor Magazin | 07.2014

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Sensors for Solar Thermal Plants

New Kübler slip rings offer outstanding contacts for packaging, filling and labeling.

Sensor Magazin | 06.2014

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New Slip Ring Product Family

Extension of the products portfolio in the area of transmission technology.

Packaging Journal | 06.2014

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Compact Signal Transmitters in Line with the Trend

Kübler: Sensors for Driverless Transport Systems

Hebezeuge Fördermittel | 06.2014

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Networked Values

Ethernet encoders meet the requirements of real-time applications

Zuliefermarkt | 05.2014

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Contact oil-free sliding contact minimises maintenance work

Encapsulated slip rings meet the requirements of the food processing industry

elektro AUTOMATION | 05.2014

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The packaging artist

Encapsulated Slip Rings in the Packaging Industry

ke next | 05.2014

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Developed for Tough Industrial Environments

The choice of the adapted measuring system ...

KEM | 05.2014

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Hygiene-compatible Components

Encapsulated slip rings in packaging machines for the food processing industry

Der Konstrukteur | 01.2014

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Foodstuff packaging machines must work fast, reliably and in perfectly hygienic conditions.

Kompetenz für Konstrukteure | 01.2013

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We want to become as flexible as a chameleon

Supply the customer in shorter time with high quality products that meet perfectly his needs, while eliminating waste ...


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