Kübler lends its support to the KiFaz-Treff meeting-place project in Villingen-Schwenningen


The KiFaz-Treff meeting-place project Villingen-Schwenningen was founded by Ulrike and Dr. Karl-Henning Lichte, a retired paediatrician, and acts as an informal get-together venue for mothers, fathers and above all for kids. It offers the chance to have a chat and swap ideas, to play, do something creative and take part in many collective activities.

The aim is to support young families, encourage the children and provide a location, which can be used as a communal meeting point.
The KiFaz-team has also tasked itself with providing counselling and guidance in difficult situations. With many families positive assistance has been and is provided for a wide variety of reasons. There is frequently a need for further discussions, often in conjunction with government agencies.
In individual cases there is often no need for bureaucracy and help can be provided simply with food, clothing and specific support – especially where cash is tight and where families are threatened, for instance, with job layoffs or with their electricity being cut off. Many donations of food and other items were able to be passed on, including baby buggies, school satchels, furniture and, above all else, children's clothing. Here the families affected often just do not have the money to buy brand-new things.

At the centre of all this activity are the communal meetings, which take place three times a week in rooms specifically provided in the youth centre by the town. These offer the opportunity for advice sessions and other discussions.
The Kifaz-Treff is supported by many volunteers and social welfare helpers, who assist with looking after the kids and providing refreshments.

For this work to continue, it is not just gifts of food and goods that are required, but also all-round financial support. We are happy to support the Lichte family and the whole KiFaz Team with our charitable donation.


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