Position and Motion Sensors


Sensor Technology

Incremental Encoders
Absolute Encoders Singleturn
Absolute Encoders Multiturn

Linear Measuring Technology

Magnetic Measuring System
Draw-wire sensors
Systems for shaft copying in lifts/elevatorsn


Connection Technology

Cables, Connectors and Cordsets
Optical fibre signal transmission


Wide range of accessories

Customized installation and connection technology solutions. If your requirement is very comprehensive, our new business area OEM products and systems will help you with complete solutions (OPS).

Markets and application areas

Our encoder ensure, for example, that your cornflakes are hygienically packed on your breakfast table or that the New York subway brakes properly and safely.

Business solution: tailor-made product solutions for

  • Drive technology for gear motor.
  • Packaging technology.
  • Lift technology.
  • Construction and off-road vehicles.

Other Areas

  • (Special-) Mechanical engineering (Tool-, Print-, Packaging, Woodworking usw…).
  • Costruction Vehicles.
  • Förder-und Lagertechnik.
  • Mediacl equipment.
  • Wind energy.
  • Theater technology.
  • Automotive Industry.
  • General Automation etc.




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