Quality: Trust in Kübler

from customers and employees


Quality always has top priority at Kübler - it is one of the pillars on which our company is based.

Our Quality Management System is structured according to the latest guidelines. Continuous improvement in all areas at Kübler goes without saying, as does certification to ISO 9001:2008 and 100% final inspection and testing of all products.
The ongoing drive to improve quality in the business also means at Kübler that all instances of wastage must be eliminated. Thus an environment has been created under the banner "Kübler Kaizen Culture™", which calls upon all employees to constantly reduce wastage of any kind - in line with the principles of Kaizen.

Quality, even when the application proves tough:

Every day for many decades and in a wide diversity of applications, thousands of customers have placed their trust in Kübler's service and quality.

Statements of our customers:

„with the introduction of the incremental encoders from the company Kübler Group [...] we have acquired a highly developed durable and reliable product...” Technical Director, leading manufacturer of bookbinding machines
„After more than one year of using Kübler counters, [...] we have been able to significantly reduce our average lead time, I can also confirm Kübler's very good reliability in terms of delivery times. The technical support [...] is very unbureaucratic, competent and efficient. Furthermore, I would like to positively highlight the quality of the Kübler products.” Purchasing Director, leading manufacturer of Geared Motors

The basis of our success: 400 enthusiastic people


Thanks to our enthusiastic, motivated employees, now around 400 in number, we are able time and again to set technical milestones and keep one step ahead of the market.

It is natural that we offer further ongoing training, in order to continue to meet these high standards.


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