Slip Rings mounting

Hollow shaft mounting

  • Slide the slip ring on the hollow shaft
  • Tighten the setscrews and secure them with screw stop varnish
  • Secure the slip ring against rotation with the torque stop
slip ring Hollow shaft mounting

Flange mounting

  • Connect the electrical and pneumatic transmission
  • Fasten the flange with the screws and secure the screws with appropriate means, e.g. spring washers, screw stop plates
  • Secure the slip ring against rotation with the torque stop
slip ring Flange mounting

Mounting position

The slip rings of the SR085 and SR060 series can be configured for the following electrical transmissions:

  • Only signal transmission
  • Only power current transmission
  • Mixed transmission of signals and power
In the latter case, for a vertical installation, care must be taken so that the signal rings are always located on top. This reduces the possible risk of contaminating the signal contacts.

The slip rings of the SR085 series may be installed standing, horizontally and suspended. A distinction is thus made among the installation positions in order to minimize the contamination of the signal channels.
The slip rings of the SR060 series are designed only for horizontal or suspended installation.

The mounting position is to be defined in the order code as follows:
IST-SR085-XX-XX-XX-X1XXX-VXXX, in case of standing and horizontal installation (flange at the bottom)
IST-SR085-XX-XX-XX-X2XXX-VXXX, in case of suspended and horizontal installation (flange on top)
IST-SR085-XX-XX-XX-X0XXX-VXXX, in case of only power or only signal transmission.

Mounting position standing slip ring Mounting position standing

Mounting position suspended slip ring Mounting position suspended


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