Process controllers with an analogue input

For many measuring operations, a digital signal acquisition is too inaccurate or too expensive. This is why analogue signal acquisition is often used in industrial environments. This includes for example temperature, weight (mass), pressure, filling level, volume (flow), speed, acceleration, position and many others. The sensor signals are mostly very small (in the mV or µV range).

The Kübler Process Controllers amplify these signals, correct possible errors and send them to the display. Process measuring transducers convert these signals into standard signals (e.g. 0 ... 10 V or 4 ... 20 mA). These signals can then be processed further and/or displayed. In addition it is possible to transmit the standard signals over larger distances. Many sensors do not supply a linear output signal. The Kübler process displays linearise these signals with up to 32 control points, depending on the version.


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