Safety-Lock™ becomes HD-Safety-Lock™

safety-lock down Safety-Lock™
  • mechanically interlocked bearings
  • large, extra-strong outer bearings
  • larger bearing span
Avoids premature damage or even encoder failure in the field.
hd-safety-lock HD-Safety-Lock™ = Safety-Lock™ + additional engineering
  • Floating bearing on the cover-side eliminates internal stress
  • Mechanically decoupled sensor unit ensures constant signal quality with large temperature fluctuations and other adverse environmental influences
  • Dual seals on the shaft-side - friction seal against humidity, labyrinth seal against dust and water jet ingress
  • Very large, highly-robust flange bearings
  • Even greater bearing clearance
The resistance against adverse environmental conditions is greatly increased - especially against high bearing loads and high temperatures.
  Safety-Lock™ HD-Safety-Lock™
Stability with vibration + + +
Robustness against installation errors + + + +
Radial load 80 N 400 N
Axial load 40 N 300 N
Elimination of internal stresses 0 + +
Constant signal quality with extended temperatures + + +
Mechanical protection of the seal 0 + +


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