Loading of encoder shaft bearings using coupling forces

With all spring couplings (shaft coupling, stator coupling, fixing bracket), alignment and axial errors are converted to a force that corresponds to the spring constant of the coupling. This force has to be absorbed by the encoder shaft bearings. When installing an encoder, this should be done with as little force as possible, i.e. without any unnecessary initial tension on the coupling. If this is adhered to, then with all Kübler couplings adequate tolerance compensation is guaranteed for the whole service life of the encoder bearings.

This force does not occur with torque stops for hollow shaft encoders, where the encoder is prevented from turning also by means of a pin or rod. Although the encoder is prevented from rotating due to a rigid interlock, the encoder is still free to move in any other direction. This is of course dependent on it being mounted in such a way that it has freedom to move radially and especially axially (thermal linear expansion of the drive shaft!).


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