6 digits for temperature and mV sensors, Codix 564

z1703_564 RoHS 

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14 Segment LED Anzeige
14-segment LED display
Easy-to-read 14-segment 6-digit LED display with easy-to-understand running help texts.
Plain text programming
Everything can be programmed simply with the help of two keys and plain text.
No additional DIP switches or potentiometers, digital setting.
Easy and consistent programming and operation thanks to the plain text programming.
Anzeigelinearisierung mA, Ohm
Display linearization mA, Ohm
Characteristic curves for thermocouples and thermo resistances are permanently stored.
Temperature input
All common temperature sensors such as the B, E, J, K, N, R, S and T thermocouples, mV inputs, Pt100 and resistance inputs, can be connected to this device.
2-, 3-, 4- Leitertechnik
2, 3, 4-wire technology
Unlike the thermocouple, which generates a voltage, a resistance does not deliver a signal on its own. It thus must be supplied with external energy through a measuring circuit. This is generally achieved using a constant current source.
In the 2-wire circuit, the resistance is connected to the measuring device by means of a 2-wire line. The lines are connected serially to the measuring resistor, which causes a higher total resistance and thus a measuring error.
In the 3-wire circuit, an additional line is connected to the measuring resistor, which results in two measuring circuits. The line resistance is compensated by our internal circuit, provided all three lines are identical.
In the 4-wire technology, all line resistances are compensated, even when the lines have different lengths.
Min- /Max Erfassung
Min /Max value memory
Min Max memories can be reset separately.
2 Grenzwerte
2 limit values
2 relay outputs (changeover contacts) for monitoring the limit values, with hysteresis and on/off delay function.
galvanische Trennung
Galvanic isolation
Supply voltage, inputs and outputs electrically isolated.
Auflösung 15 Bit
Resolution 15 bits
Version with scaleable analogue output, resolution 15 bits.
DIN 48x96
DIN 48x96
DIN front bezel.
Einbau in Mosaiksysteme
Mosaic systems
Suitable for integration in mosaic systems.
Operation with gloves
Large keys that can be operated wearing gloves.
Analogausgang optional
Analogue output (optional)
Analogue output (optional - only for DC version).
Product family
96x48 mm
2 Relay switch
Number of digits
Control points
12 Control points
mV Sensors
Resistance input
Thermo resistance
Thermocouple sensor
B, E, J, K, N, R, S, T
Standard signal input
Analogueue output 0...10V
Analogueue output 0...20mA
Analogueue output 2...10V
Analogueue output 4...20mA
Protection max.
IP 65
Power supply
10...30 VDC
100 - 240 VAC (± 10%)

2 limits, programmable characteristic curve, Min/Max value detection, resistance thermometer, thermocouples, mV and R inputs, scalable. Easy programming with running help texts and quick-start guide.

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