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574 – Fast dual frequency display


With 2 freely scalable incremental inputs TTL, RS422 or HTL with max. 1 MHz (also single channel), 4 fast switching outputs, RS232 and optional fast analogue output.
The 574 can be used with one or two pulse encoders. The outputs, control inputs and the analogue output can be assigned to the various display values.
Additional indicators for the status display show the output status and the display selected.

  • 2 separate fast inputs, which can be calculated with respect to each other
  • Many different fixed frequency measurement functions; measurement of in-process time calculated from frequency (reciprocal speed) also possible
  • 3 display values in one device: Frequency 1, Frequency 2 as well as calculated value
  • 4 fast switching outputs
  • AC and DC supply voltages
  • Interface for reading out and in supplied as standard
  • Many additional functions including average value, exponential filter, start delay, programmable output signal memory

Data sheet 560

Product details:

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Codix 560 - now available also with RS232/RS485 interface - supports MODBUS (RTU) and CR/LF protocol

Codix 560

For pulses, time, frequency, position. The new large preset counter Codix 560 covers a wide range of functions and counting modes: from preset counting up to simple control tasks.

With the large preset counters Codix 560 Kübler is rounding off a completely new generation of preset counters. All the areas of application for preset counters – including even simple control tasks - are now comprehensively covered. The Codix 560 is readable or configurable via the RS 232/485 interface and allows a direct connection of a large display or a printer.

This DIN size 96x48mm device is full of power: The Codix 560 offers very bright, large LEDs that can be easily read in poor lighting conditions or from a long distance away. Great store was placed – as with all Codix units – on very simple user operation and programming structure.
For this reason the Codix 560 is equipped with numerous scrolling help texts, which – thanks to the 14 segment LED – are very clearly legible, as well as with an intuitive cursor keypad. The preset counter can be used for pulses, time, frequency and position; it can also function as an overall total counter or as a batch counter.

  • DIN dimensions 96 x 48 mm
  • Very bright and large 14-segment LEDs
  • Simple operation and programming structure with running help texts
  • Total counter or batch counter
  • Preset status display
  • predefined settings
  • 4-level RESET Modes
  • User-friendly screw terminals
  • Minimal mounting depth
  • Suitable for integration in mosaic systems
  • Tracking preset
  • Teach mode
  • RS 232/485 interface for reading and configuring the counter with the MODBUS and CR/LF protocols

Data sheet Codix 560
Manual Codix 560
Manual Option RS 232/485 (Modbus RTU & CR/LF protocol)
Press release Modbus (RTU) & CR/LF protocol

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Codix 560

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570-SSI Position Display

Codix 570

The fast SSI display Type 570 is designed for absolute SSI encoders with a resolution up to 32 bits. It can be used as either a Master or a Slave display. Thanks to simple bit assignment and bit blanking the display, which can be scaled and linearized, can also be cascaded, in order to extend the display range as desired. Output options include 2 limit values, analogue output or interface.

  • SSI-clock frequency from 100 Hz up to 1 MHz
  • Gray or binary code
  • Display may be adjusted using scaling- and offset-features
  • Linearization with Teach option
  • Version with scaleable analogue output, resolution 14 bits, 0 ... 10 V, -10 ... +10 V, 0 ... 20 mA or 4 ... 20 mA
  • NEW: Version with 2 relay outputs as limit values or presets; can also be programmed as tracking preset and with RS232/485interface

Data sheet Codix 570
Manual Codix 570
Press release

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SSI-Anzeige 570

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Preset counter Codix 907/908

Codix 907/908

The simple, economical, high-performance Preset Counter Kübler Codix 907 | 908

The Codix 908 and 907 preset counters for pulse and time inputs offer all essential counter functions at an amazing priceperformance ratio.

As a result of their minimal mounting depth and their plug-in screw terminals, the counters are simple and quick to install; as an option the two-line LCD can also be backlit. It is then even easier to read it at a glance.

Data sheet Codix 907/908
Manual Codix 907
Manual Codix 908
Press release

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Codix 907
Codix 908

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Operating hour meter HR 47

HR 47

The new electromechanical hour meter HR 47 from Kübler - with run indicator is indispensable, wherever service intervals have to be effectively monitored and planned.

A run indicator reliably displays the status of the meter, whilst the count value can always beeasily read at a glance thanks to its large figures.
The Kübler HR 47 is virtually impossible to manipulate and is exceptionally reliable and robust.

Data sheet HR 47
Press release

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Service counter Codix 14X with DC power supply

Zähler-Serie CODIX 14X mit DC-Sannungsversorgung

Codix 140 | 141 - Standard Pulse counters / Timer
With their clear 7-digit display and 8 millimetre high figures the Codix 140 and Codix 142 pulse counters supply their information at a glance and directly display the total number of pulses.
All the values are reliably stored in the EEPROM and protected against data loss.

Codix 142 | 143 - Service Pulse counters / Timer
The Service and Preservice values of the service counters Cosix 142 and Codix 143 can be requested and displayed at any time - via display and solid-state output.
The service intervals are permanently pre-programmed at the factory in line with the customer's wishes (starting from a min.order quantity of 25 pcs.).
The counter can be reset by means of the reset key or by using an electrical input. For the simple monitoring of your service intervals.

Data sheet Codix 141/143
Manual Codix 140/142

Data sheet Codix 140/142
Manual Codix 141/143

Press release

Product details:
Codix 140
Codix 141
Codix 142
Codix 143

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