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Codix Process Controller - now with analogue output: The fastest way to get started ... without manual

Codix Prozess-Steuergeräte

Codix Prozess-Steuergeräte Karte

A new generation of Process Controllers for analogue, temperature and strain gauge input signals
NEW: with optional analogue output

These very fast powerful displays set new standards when it comes to user friendliness.
Their easy-to-read 14-segment LED display, easy-to-understand running help texts and practical Quick-start Guide eliminate the need to wade through time-consuming full instruction manuals.

  • Help text as running text.
  • Easy-to-read 14-segment LED 6-digit display.
  • Simple programming via 4 keys on the front.
  • One front key as well as 2 additional inputs can be programmed for specific applications.
  • Characteristic curves for thermocouples and RTD permanently stored.
  • Practical Quick-start Guide for setting the parameters and operating the device. The guide will be affixed directly to the front of the unit and can be removed and re-applied as required.
  • Sampling rate of 10 readings per second.
  • Application-specific characteristic curves via 12 measurement points.
  • 2 relay outputs (changeover contacts) for limit monitoring with hysteresis and ON/OFF delay function.
  • Optional analogue output for the current measured value, MIN-value, MAX-value or totalizer value.
  • MIN/MAX memory function, individually resettable.
  • Inputs and outputs galvanically isolated.
  • Time-controlled Totaliser function for totalising the measured values. Can be reset separately.
  • Auxiliary sensor power supply 15 VDC / 25 mA, also for 2-wire transmitters.

Data sheet Codix 564
Data sheet Codix 565
Data sheet Codix 566
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Codix 564
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