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Slip ring programme with more options
including air and hydraulics

Version with media lead-through for air or hydraulics

Compact pneumatic rotable connector

The slip ring programme for both series SR085 and SR060 was expanded.
The new order codes allow considerably more options.

Slip rings transmit power, signals or data from a stationary to a rotating platform.
The modular SR085 Slip Ring series however can also be upgraded to transmit air or hydraulics.

Data sheet SR060
Data sheet SR085
[Press release Slip rings]

Your contact person:
Günter Kahrs, Productmanager Slip rings

Connectors and cordsets for Ethercat


Suitable for encoders:

  • Sendix absolut 5858.
  • Sendix absolut 5878.
  • Sendix absolut 5868.
  • Sendix absolut 5888.

Data sheet

Your contact person: Arnold Hettich

Cordsets for CANopen® and analogue encoders


A new series of ready-to-use, confectioned cordsets for CANopen and analog encoders completes the range of suitable transmission technology for the Kübler sensors.

Once more Kübler provides solutions and not only components.

Data sheet

Your contact person:
Arnold Hettich

M12 cordsets with integrated control LED's


The new 8-pin M12 cordset for incremental encoders allows easy and quick connections under tough external conditions. The transparent, right-angle housing includes three LED's to display channels A, B and Z.

This allows the smooth functioning of the encoders to be easily checked at a glance any time. This also greatly facilitates any necessary troubleshooting. It is of additional help during start-up, as the zero point can be detected when the Z-pulse LED lights up.

Data sheet
Press release

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Arnold Hettich

Optical Fibre Modules


The solution for tough signal transmission.

The system is made up of an optical fibre transmitter and an optical fibre receiver.
The optical fibre transmitter converts the electrical signals of a conventional incremental encoder into a light signal for transmission by means of an optical fibre. The receiving module converts the optical signal back into electrical signals. Up to 4 channels may be transmitted safely.

  • Signal transmission thanks to a simple glass fibre.
  • Safe signal transmission up to 1000 m.
  • Input frequency up to 400 kHz.
  • Input level 10 – 30 V or RS 422.
  • Inverted input signals.
  • Resists extremely strong electromagnetical fields.

Many applications:

  • Process control technology and automation technology.
  • Interference-sensitive applications.
  • High voltage plants.
  • Plants with long transmission distances.
  • Potential separation.
  • Explosive areas.

Data sheet Optical Fibre Module
Press release Optical Fibre Module

Your contact person: Günter Kahrs, Producmanager Optical fibre modules

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